Leia Erickson
Comprehensively Certified Pilates Instructor
The Center for Women’s Fitness – Prenatal and Postnatal Pilates Specialist Certification & Diastasis Recovery Rehabilitation Specialist

Leia has over 10 years of experience instructing students of all levels and continues to study with well-respected instructors and other industry specialists. Leia has been so fortunate to share the Pilates Method with a myriad of body types and ages. A main focus of Pilates is posture, alignment and length within the body in order to create that wonderful strong balance amongst all of the musculature. She cannot pinpoint which population she loves most, as she loves each for its unique opportunity to teach each person amazing things about their bodies, as well as each body teaching her new things! Always a student herself, Leia is regimented about her own daily practice and continuous study.
During her own pregnancies and while instructing the pre and postnatal population, Leia realized there was insufficient exercise information available for the pre and postnatal woman. Therefore, Leia obtained her Pre and Postnatal Pilates Specialist certifications with Carolyne Anthony of The Center for Women’s Fitness® and to help fill the teaching void. In 2015, Leia became a certified practitioner of The Center Method for diastasis recti recovery under the tutelage of Carolyne Anthony yet again.

Leia gives each student a safe, yet challenging workout by focusing on the needs of each unique body. Leia strives to help educate her clients with the tools necessary to experience Pilates daily. It is her goal to help you live a more pain free and balanced life She understands the true progression of exercises to strengthen and re-balance the body to help it function at its optimal level. And she understands how universally this Method benefits ALL…. for body, mind, spirit & sport!

Postnatal Pilates