2018 WORKSHOPSWe all have different Pilates goals.  Our workshops this year will explore several fundamental and more advanced aspects of movement, breathing, and wellness that increase your mastery of Pilates to encourage a strong connection and higher appreciation of your body.

Pre and Post-Natal Pilates Series NEW SERIES ADDED!
By Popular Demand- we're adding an evening session for Pre & Post-Natal Women.
 Date:  Tuesday and Thursdays, July 17—August 16
Time:  7:15pm—8:30pmCost:  $200, 10-Class Series

Limited to 6 participants in each class 
Every Tuesday and Thursday she is treated to 75-minutes of me time: to balance, strengthen, breathe and organize her lovely and wondrous body. 

Running JULY 17th–AUGUST 16th, Leia Erickson will encourage, instruct, and inspire our mother’s-to-be and new mama’s to build upon their best selves in this 10-session series. Classes are small to provide personal attention with a maximum of 6 people. 

**Post-natal clients must be 6 weeks post delivery–or 8 weeks for C-section, and up to 3 years. Post-Natal series: UPDATED!This 10-class series is tailored for new mama’s who are at least 6 weeks postpartum (8 weeks for C-section) to 3 years postpartum.We focus on re-engaging your connection to your pelvic floor and deep support muscles while slowly easing your body back into movement as exercise. Special attention is given to corrective posture and alignment, as we know everything shifts in an enlightening 40 weeks. These 75-minute classes will engage your deep core support system first and allow your outer abdominals to slowly come back into the action when they are ready. We work to strengthen muscular patterns unique to postpartum bodies. Every woman is different and will take her own time to heal and this 3-week series is the perfect jump-start and summer warm-up!*

*Post-natal clients must be 6 weeks post delivery–or 8 weeks for C-section, and up to 3 years.  Pre-natal series: UPDATED!We designed this 3-week course for mama’s-to-be who wish to remain safely active on their journey towards motherhood. This is the time to breathe, stay mobile, reinforce proper alignment as everything is shifting—and build your strength and support! Pilates is the perfect movement modality, each 75-minutes class is gentle, safe and effective at strengthening your deep muscular support system as you adapt to a shifting center of gravity. The beneficial breath component is key, not only in preparation for labor, also in core muscle recovery after the birth.Pre-natal Pilates classes begin with breathing. Your movements will address the body as a whole, paying special attention to the areas that become tight during pregnancy and the muscles that benefit from extra strengthening. The goal is to facilitate a holistic session, moving as much as possible so that you can experience tension-release, strengthening, lengthening, and increased energy.  Pregnancy is an exciting time when your body experiences many changes in multiple systems. We know the importance of physical activity for your health and well-being, and challenge you not to push yourself beyond safe limits.